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Trusted Global Leaders in Confined Space and Reactor Services.


Global growth with a respectful, humble, inclusive team focused on customer delivery. Identifying opportunities within the market to utilise our ingenious expertise, specialised equipment and to be an employer of choice through trust.

Competitive advantage

Multiskilled experts using the best equipment able to operate in remote geographies cost effectively.


  • Simplicity

  • Safety

  • Efficiency

  • Trust

OUR STORY & services

ARTIS Industrial was formed in 2018 by Andrew Wells and Srikanth Shetty, with a vision originally focused on clients in remote and less accessible places in the world.

ARTIS Industrial has companies registered in various countries, with the UAE serving as the head office. These countries include India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. Additionally, ARTIS Industrial has current operational joint venture arrangements in Thailand, Brunei, and New Zealand. Moreover, the company has successfully completed projects in Angola, Libya, Nigeria, and Iran.

ARTIS Industrial is focused on providing World Best Practice, Catalyst Handling Services at competitive prices to the Oil, Gas, Fertiliser and Petrochemical industries. Artis Industrial has several core technologies and methodologies including CARBOCAT (Cardox), ARTPAC (Dense Loading) ACDS (Catalyst Distribution System) and ADPCL (Dense Phase Craneless Loading).


Our Services include:

  • Catalyst Removal

  • Dense Catalyst Loading using UOP and ARTPAC systems

  • Catalyst Loading

  • Working in Inert and Toxic atmospheres to international standards (API2217A)

  • Internal mechanical repairs and isolations and deisolation or vessels

We are mobile globally using a truly multi-skilled workforce with one of the most experienced workforces in the industry. 

Our equipment has been developed using our extensive industry knowledge keeping the following items firmly front of mind:

  • Safety and compliance with current standards

  • Sized appropriately and fit for purpose

  • Simple and easy to operate with reduced remote area failure risk

  • Cost effective to mobilise and maintain reducing client commercial risk

  • Removal of people from harm

Please contact us to find out how we may significantly change the way you carry out your Catalyst and Reactor TAR Activities.


HSEQ management


ALPS Program (ARTIS Loss Prevention System)

The ARTIS Loss Prevention System (ALPS) Program aims to establish a comprehensive framework to prevent and minimize loss, damages, accidents, and other incidents that may occur during the various activities carried out on all ARTIS work Locations. This manual provides guidelines and procedures to be followed by all personnel and stakeholders involved in these activities to ensure a safe working environment and protect company assets. 

Loss prevention is of paramount importance in the industrial services/construction industry to safeguard employees, protect assets, maintain productivity, and ensure business continuity. By implementing effective loss prevention measures, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, financial losses, legal liabilities, and damage to their reputation. 


Loss Prevention System Pyramid framework is designed for incident reduction and incident free at a workplace.

The Loss Prevention System Program provides a framework for creating a safe and secure working environment. By adhering to the guidelines and procedures, ARTIS Intends to significantly reduce losses, protect their employees and assets, and foster a culture of safety and accountability. Regular review, assessment, and improvement are crucial to maintaining an effective loss prevention system in an ever-changing industrial environment.


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ARTIS Industrial is driven by a vision to serve clients in remote and challenging locations around the globe. 

Our work is carried out by one integrated team committed to best practice operations. We are constantly developing new methods and improvements for both inert and non-inert entries, as well as non-entry catalyst removal. By utilizing a specially trained workforce and purpose-built equipment, ARTIS can execute catalyst projects efficiently and safely; with minimal delays from fusing, minimal catalyst attrition, and excellent dust control systems. 

  • Pre-commissioning of reactors and vessels 

  • Services in inert and toxic atmospheres, plus hot and hostile environments 

  • Reactor cooling utilising a proprietary liquid nitrogen system 

  • Unloading and loading of catalyst under inert or normal atmospheres 

  • Dense phase loading systems for the transfer of catalyst directly from grade to reactor manway, without the use of cranes and hoppers 

  • Innovative, purpose built-equipment ensuring low catalyst attrition rate 

  • Catalyst sampling and particle measurement 

  • Vacuum unloading with closed loop nitrogen re-circulation 

  • Catalyst transportation, storage, and containment (un- approved) 

  • Catalyst loading of reactors using unidense loading and conventional techniques 

  • Tubular reformer loading using unidense loading and conventional techniques 

  • Video inspection and assessment 

  • Shutdown planning, coordination and execution


CarboCat is an innovative service ARTIS Industrial have over the years adapted to serve the Catalyst Handling Industry gained from vast experiences in the Mining and Cement Industry.  

During Unloading operations Process Reactors are found to have fused or agglomerated Catalyst that often require Jack Hammering inside Confined space and under Inert Conditions, These conditions greatly increase the Risks and Time required during a Shutdown.

The primary objective of CarboCat is to improve Safety and efficiency of the Catalyst unloading process, CarboCat induces release of Liquid CO2 that dislodges Rock Hard Catalyst Deposits and Fluidises catalyst beds that are not free flowing by producing a highly controlled force by using CO2 Expansion Cartridges.

The controlled Instant release of Liquid CO2 into the Catalyst Bed by Non Detonating CO2 Gas Expansion Fracturing greatly reduces the confined space man-hour durations and minimises safety risks when work is being done in dusty and combustible materials are present.

ARTIS CarboCat service has been successfully used for the Catalyst & Coke removal operations in FCCU/ RFCCU Units, Catalyst Unloading of operations under Inert Conditions for Hydrocrackers/Hydro Treaters/ GOHDS/VGO/MHC/ARDS/RCD and other process reactors.


ARTPAC uniform dense loading

ARTPAC - Dense Loading Technology, has been developed by ARTIS Industrial with a special focus to improve the Catalyst Distribution and deliver consistent catalyst density across beds in large diameter, Multi Bed Reactors. Find out more Here



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Angola, Africa

Catalyst changeout of 3 Molecular Sieve Dehydrators. Internal tray replacement, Demister pad replacement and changeout of pall rings of 5 Towers. High pressure water jetting of heat exchangers and mechanical cleaning of finfans.

Duration 40 days



Paradip, India

Dense loaded two DHDT reactors, 450MT each of catalyst with a loading rate of 12MT/Hr. and attained the desired density.


Duration: 5 days



Gorakhpur, India

Catalyst loading works of Ammonia- Urea Fertilizer project (HURL-Gorakhpur India Project). Fresh loaded 12 reactors including grey lock coupling installation and catalyst loading of horizontal ammonia converter in inert atmosphere and unidense loading in primary reformer as per UOP standards.


Duration: 6 months


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Nigeria, Africa

Catalyst changeout of Mercury Guard and HTS/LTS reactor under inert atmosphere. Project


Duration: 30 days

Indorama Eleme Fertilizer Limited

image 1.jpg


Retrofit of the Ammonia Synthesis converter involving catalyst unloading under inert atmosphere, internal replacement and modification work as per CASALE design and loading of catalyst. Project


Duration: 2 months




In conjunction with Sepakat Energy Services. Dump Screen and reload of Platformer reactor and carry out internal modifications.


Duration: 8 days

BSP Brunei Shell



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ARTIS Industrial FZC

PO Box 183032 , Dubai UAE

Tel: +971 501382383


ARTIS Industrial PVT LTD

50 B, KIADB 
Karnad Industrial Area, Mangalore, Karnataka 
574154 INDIA

Tel: +91 9686437827


ARTIS Industrial FZC
Level 8 356 Collins St MELBOURNE VIC 3000 AUSTRALIA

Tel: +61 413431166


Potama Limited T/A
ARTIS Industrial NZ

PO BOX 146, New Plymouth,
Taranaki 4340, NEW ZEALAND

Tel: +61 413431166



PO Box 20448, PC 31952,
Al-Khobar, KSA

Tel: +966 561138789


Advanced Refinery Technology Co., Ltd
723 Teo Hong Silom Building, Office MR-01, 1st floor, Silom Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

Tel: +66 (02) 091 6700

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